3/29/2020 – The Authentic Sound of Soul

3/29/2020 – The Authentic Sound of Soul

You respond to nature. You are able to recognize “that”, or an-other, separate from your physical body. You perceive external forces that create boundaries and rules. You learn how to behave because of these forces.

You learn what you should and shouldn’t do. When you did something “Bad” somebody might have said to you, “Well that wasnt like you, whats the matter?” You naturally develop a dilemma and now you want to know what Is you and what Is not. This Is the recognition of back and front. This dilemma Is an illusion because you have been tricked Into trying to separate the back from the front.

Back and front go with one another. There Is a back because there exists a front and vice versa.

What you make sense of, is you. Every bit of it. Your sense of what Is bad and good Is you because those perceptions were created during your upbringing.

This Isn’t to say that there Is no such thing as harmful or beneficial behavior, I am saying that you’re going to experience these qualities naturally. Through the nature you were raised, you will feel pleasure because you are able to feel pain. You develop a context of comparison. You will sense an amount of your experience that you could not possibly control as well as experience that you could. Perception happens In cycles, never totally at rest. What Is perceived Is the positioning of relationship.

Because of relationship with timed spacing and pitch, you are able to hear music. Music plays patterns of tones that are able to move up and down on a scale.

Of course there could be a monotonal drumbeat that remains steady. There could be the continuous pitch In the blow of a horn. Music Is a series of sound Interruptions that are patterns. The drummer’s sticks cycle through striking and lifting, striking and lifting. The horn player will play one tone for so long as he will exhaust his breath eventually. Audibly understood, in “Time space” are cycles.

Let us visualize that each of us are musicians playing notes on our instruments. Some people are drummers who beat steady and like the range of pitch available to them in maybe 1-2-3-5 tones. A snare drummer being an example of a monotone, and a drum kit being the embodiment of a perceivable range. Some people are violin players. The pitch a violin produces flows fom low to high In very short Intervals. This Is why the violin Is beautiful and dramatic at the same time.

More to the point is that a drummer may also do this. A snare drummer will play with tone the way they can, beating the center of the drum, irs outer metal rim, or the shell of its body. This Illustrates the extension of imagination through a limitation. The snare drummer may also use different types of beaters to achieve tonal differences, such as a brush, maybe a rute.

Players of different Instruments are able to harmonize because they all have ways of achieving the same goal. An experienced musician Is aware that they don’t need to play the same notes to be in agreement with the other players. The same way a person Is able to read a jumbled string fo selttres ahtt amek up a word. This Is because a musician recognizes a pattern of a whole rather than Individual notes that must be played In a particular arrangement. Some people do thrive with and enjoy their music classically arranged. Some allow the understanding of patterns to allow the rhythm to generate the authentic sound of soul.

Neither one of these Is better than the other because they create each other. There would be no jazz without classical just as there would be no classical music without the comparison of anything different. Inevitable. The point of this Illustration Is to alleviate the need for anything to be any different than It is, right now. The trying to make sense of what Is and isn’t you is the space we hold our feelings.