The observer


Behind the ego is the inner self. The real self. The spirit. Which is identical with God.

How do you identify with that? You start with watching your thoughts. Visual art is a great tool for this.

You can observe and hear your thoughts in real time passing right in front of you as you create a piece of work. You must create a separation between the watcher and what is being watched. Growing into the observer state of mind is in essence growing to understand that you are not your thoughts. You become them.

A reprogramming of the subconscious mind to see what you believe, or what you want to believe. You acknowledge thoughts and belief systems. Use your conscious will to overwrite them with other truths. Different perspective about what you see.

It is a suspense in judgement to create authentically. The practice of self-love is a practice in creating authentic art because it is the practice of observing what you do without judgment. It does transform into an embodied essence where you no longer have any more ideas for what could be any better than what you did.

Discovering authenticity could be one of the shortest paths we are given. Only we stretch it out further and further by convincing each other that what we do isn’t good enough. Or that we need more and we need something different. Maybe we do. Take the time to play and discover what you believe. Just don’t be convinced you don’t already have what you’re looking for.

At some point responsibility needs to be taken. Is an opinion I might believe yours or is it my own for believing it? You need to take ownership of your beliefs to embody what was authentically yours. To love what was you.

Discovering authenticity is an oxymoronic idea.

What I have in truth discovered is that I went looking out into the world for what I already had even though I knew I already had it. How insecure is that? The journey at least helped me cover my bases. It helped me feel even more grounded, that is able to relay what I subconsciously knew to be true only I needed “proof” or factual experiences to know it was true.

Be you. Be authentically you because there is nothing more beautiful than everything embodied as beautiful about you.