Trust is the glue of love. Trust allows people to feel more comfortable, more open, and be authentic around each-other.

The people around you are important. They change you. They influence you and multiply your efforts. They hold you accountable.

These people are not just a lens to help you navigate the world more effectively, they are also a mirror.

They reflect you.They allow you to see yourself more clearly. The closer the bond we have to those around us, the more accurate the reflection becomes.

When we learn to trust we feel more comfortable being ourselves. The real cell-ves. Not just the ego-puffed up versions, but the real you.

The reflection is the clearest when you’re with people you trust.That’s when you can let go of the acting and all insecurities fall away. This is when you grow closer to your authentic self. The closer you come to your authentic self, the easier life becomes.

Knowing your authentic self helps you be around the right people and being around the right people helps shape your destiny.

All of that drives from trust. Trust is the core of authenticity.

The importance of today is to grab hold of this perspective and take notice of our environment. What does that mean to you? Who does it include? Why limit yourself? What about your belief system is working for you or not?