To allow oneself to be. In other words, an ability to live by your own standard of happiness, beauty, or joy. IS going to be quite different than what is widely accepted. In this sense it does take a brave soul to discover for oneself, their tribe and people that are also going to appreciate that kind of authenticity.

Authenticity is a two-way street. It is an ability to live by your own standard because you trust that the expression value is going to attract your need. At the same time you can respect that people don’t need to love your standard or even think it is worthy of appreciation.In whatever way your comfort barrier gets punctured, there is going to be your individual journey to discovering authenticity. The journey is composed of pain and pleasure. You can’t skip out on the pain unless you want to cheat your pleasure.

If you believe that producing authenticity means having everybody on your team to agree with you and eliminate all the bad vibes in the world… prepare to experience more pain.We grow from a dual sense of belief about what experience is. “Bad” and “good”. “Pain” and “pleasure”. Because our awareness of pain creates our awareness of pleasure, these are actually two interpretations of the same sensation on different ends of the same scale.

The only “fax” people have about the world is that we are born dying. People don’t “know” anything, at all. The biggest joke played on ourselves is how we have become cunning creatures that emotionally manipulate one another into believing in an expression of life that is unnatural to our authenticity. Perhaps to make money to buy more things that in turn don’t serve what is of real substance to what we value. Which is health.

Health has been a growing awareness of belief systems or perceptions. It has been gathering emotional intelligence that allows oneself to experience the pain or joy as impermanent fixtures that are what they are. Peace thru perception is: overriding duality by means of non-attachment.When you’re not attached to an outcome, your experience doesn’t depend on a condition to determine your level of peace. When experience doesn’t depend on conditions to determine peace, we call that unconditional love