3/29/2020 – The Authentic Sound of Soul


Players of different Instruments are able to harmonize because they all have ways of achieving the same goal. An experienced musician Is aware that they don’t need to play the same notes to be in agreement with the other players. The same way a person Is able to read a jumbled string fo selttres ahtt amek up a word. This Is because a musician recognizes a pattern of a whole rather than Individual notes that must be played In a particular arrangement. Some people do thrive with and enjoy their music classically arranged. Some allow the understanding of patterns to allow the rhythm to generate the authentic sound of soul.


Created is a pattern. The pattern behaves with certain tendencies and actions which all communicate to inform other patterns: how to behave. This looks like a child being born. Created by two parents who are also patterns. Patterns are systems of lauguage. These systems are inherited from behavioral patterns that came before them, which were […]

What I do is not important. Why I do is.


. In the past, I wasn’t aware for the reasons I did anything. As I define and refine, I shed identification and operate as a principle of existence. Conscious recognition of principle subconsciously creates the direction for why I do anything. My principle being the law of beauty. The undeniable truth; as everyone can sense […]


Distilled are patterns of behavior. Everything is spirit, energy, however you want to describe it. Patterns of spirit- echo and vibrate influencing the next pattern. Call it a ripple, the echo is an emotional response. Emotion is temperature and is related with color. Life is described as the dove. Quality of spirit is reflected as […]

Theater Talk

Briefly discussing the topic of reconditioning as it relates to ideas of the “self”. Opens up discussion as to what that is. Gets kicked out by cops because such a large crowd was gathered.

The observer

Behind the ego is the inner self. The real self. The spirit. Which is identical with God. How do you identify with that? You start with watching your thoughts. Visual art is a great tool for this. You can observe and hear your thoughts in real time passing right in front of you as you […]

Changes: Robin Sealark

Robin presents a beautiful and authentic flow of discussion on her relationship with change and how the role of identity is confronted with the communication of values. to support her work visit: be sure to subscribe to her youtube channel below