Created is a pattern. The pattern behaves with certain tendencies and actions which all communicate to inform other patterns: how to behave.

This looks like a child being born. Created by two parents who are also patterns. Patterns are systems of lauguage. These systems are inherited from behavioral patterns that came before them, which were also inherited, taught, and learned from patterns before them.

This condition is how we discern what things are. It is how we can point to a table and say, “see that thing with 4 legs and a flat surface on top? That is a table.”

We can’t necessarily point to to feelings and actions however. Although the action can be witnessed, actions are mystified by perspective. It is how descriptions of actions carry degrees of severity, and these degrees of severity often depend on the mood and conditioning of the individual describing them.

For this very reason the truth is abstracted. The truth is feeling and sensation because it is how and what you interpret. Interpretation is constantly shifting and creating new boundaries which define the presence of an idea. Pain is not always pain. Pleasure is not always pleasure. These two ideas create one another.

Take that child being born for instance. The parents got together and had some pleasure. This results with the mother going through a painful birthing process.. That birthing process could be described as a cycle. The cycle being the only thing we can point to and attribute to as being relative to sensation.

The cycle is seen in the weather pattern of the 4 seasons. The 4 seasons have a relative effect on our sensation to temperature and weather behavior. We can tangibly sense the weather.

The cycle is seen in phases of the moon. You can see the ocean tide rise and lower in accordance with the moon cycle.

The astrological cycle describes relationship to a pattern of a story we each sense throughout experience. It is the pattern of a story.

It is with the recognition of cycle and the recognition that we are each planted at different times and places, under different energies loaded in the space above, that we each carry a different understood relationship to the sensation we are currently going through.

It is also because of that understood perspective that you can see the actions of others who feel emotionally compelled to produce whatever action they do, are working natural forces before the power of will is yet to be understood. Understood… to become aware of the underlying cause behind an effect.

It is apparent that in our relationship to cycle, collectively, we go through change. A change we each experience in degrees relative to our perspectives. The pattern is change. The sensation isn’t permanent. It just is what it is and people are going to feel compelled to do what they do and reap those rewards.

What do the seeds of thought consist of in relationship to the growth you want to produce?

My purpose for writing this is to provide a psychedelic visual aid you will consume with words. That to be understood in your perspective, will allow you to empower yourself to withstand the relationship of now.

The peak of a mountain corresponds with the valley’s depth.