Denying a negative is never the same as asserting a positive.

Denying a negative is never the same as asserting a positive.

What does it mean to deny the negative?

what happens when we deny? What does it mean? To deny could be described as a rejection or refusal.

Why do we deny? Where does the measure to deny exist? Or what function does refusal serve?

Maybe refusal serves justification. Like a justified number of students is X quantity and the school receives something like 2X the applicants so they deny exactly one portion of those people according to whatever standards they have employed.

Denial may be a fair utility when space and resources are an issue.

Denial is a relationship with approval. When we deny a potential option (a negative option) with a negative word preceding it, for example: “don’t throw the ball in the creek” or “avoid X outcome”, we are actually focusing the mind on that result.

To assert a positive is to focus the mind on solution based thinking. It might look like “this” is what we are doing and “THIS” is how we could see that function through with x, y, or z variables. I would rather be concrete but that is my best expression of what I am talking about at this moment.

Asserting a positive provides the mind set a focus on solution. Solution based thinking recognizes interdependence as a quality in relationships that we get along with, opposed to divide from. Cause and effect. Everything is motivated by something.

I feel the most motivated to change my habits when I am told about the benefits that I am going to experience in relationship with my values. I am then producing action for myself and my relationship with environment because of the energy field we share with matter. The relationship our minds have with positive reinforcement results in love based action. Compared to the relationship our minds develop with negative reinforcement that results in fear based action. Or is fear causing inaction?

What we do or don’t do are still both ways of doing, and those actions are patterns of becoming. Consciousness’ unique ability to influence pattern, I recognize as a focus of language.

Self as other.