Do you believe that anyone can be successful and thrive with hard work and determination?

Do you believe that anyone can be successful and thrive with hard work and determination?

I recognize my experience as a pattern. More specifically these patterns are processes that start out with a beginning and then evolve through growth and improvement. There is so much dimension to this question, that to address it and not come of as insensitive or too sensitive, requires from both of us, a perspective that is open to potential. How is potential opened? In my experience potential is opened with optimism. Optimism to me is not being able to grasp yet what I am capable of. Optimism might look like mentally nurturing the work I do rather than criticize it. Optimism is opened to to the potential of always.

Part of the dimension to this question comes from our definition of success. I have learned that my definition of success is related to mindset. Mindset is important because it sets the mind up to produce what it is attracted to.

Success is always possible, for anybody. I believe this. We are wise for shifting our definitions of success, because the value of feeling success is the love we crave.

My perspective on success is vaguely familiar. It is familiar enough to know that I do want it. Growing up I played sports. I found “success” with 1st-3rd place trophies. Never the 5th place kind. And I am grateful for that. Because by not being awarded for something I shouldn’t have, I became driven. I became obsessively driven to get through the pain of being terrible in order to receive the love I want.

I am not going to pretend to know why you are blocked from success if you are, you probably aren’t. I can only relate with you on my own feelings of not having success. I feel it in abundance today, I feel success in everything because I trust my process. As soon as I quit comparing myself to the ideas you have of yourself, I became wildly happy. In every situation I look through my delusion of positive and think: “How is this going to work out for me?”.

To see the love in everything that happens for me is my peace with temporary. To be just fine with not being at the peak is to enjoy the journey! And since you are on this journey it might as well be enjoyed, right? The journey is the story to whatever degree of success we are going to get. Because light comes out of the dark just like our ideas of good come from the contrast of bad, the journey of your success is likely to carry with it as many good experiences as it did bad ones.

Is perspective fluctuating with emotion?

Maybe when it comes to blockages, there might be certain blockages that do provide a barrier to that opportunity or job. Why are you comparing your definition of success to that one?!

Anyway, Im sure I only grazed on the expansion this topic is capable of. What do you think about success and what are some of your definitions? I am interested to hear how hard work and determination have played roles in your lives! I know you’ve had obstacles to overcome, how did the pattern of reaching a goal of yours play out? By visually engaging that story, we are able to repurpose the pattern in order to witness new cycles we are going through. You are now able to choose the response that better fits your definition of success.