Superconscious Similarity

Superconscious Similarity

What if.. you are the same person I am?
Only looking and feeling through a whole different lens.

Is it such a far out idea to imagine

that the life force coursing through each of our veins..
which carries oxygen to produce awareness,
the same unconscious programming
which constructed organs to support life,
is the same in each of us?

Is that unconscious programming a language?

can we re-program that language through perceptual qualities in the brain?

Is it really such a far out idea to believe
we each have different purposes
that are meant to fit into each others well being?
to enhance the field of energy,
the field of matter,
and the field of play that we are in.

What if we have learned to believe other people so vividly,
that we have been sold another person’s nightmare?
at the expense of our own capability.
What if as a result of that we have perverted purpose
Into temporarily fixing each other’s pain with trinkets
and distractions thus not utilizing the purpose of pain?

What if we can uproot beliefs?
and plant ideas that empower.