Radical play with dimension, creating 3D objects out of 2 dimensional surfaces. Sometimes on 2 dimensional surfaces.

A lot of the work is kinetic, having no fixed point to reference. Some of the work is organic. I actually pasted daisies and some kind of flower petal on the collage of the lady.

Unless its an image of the image. The work is always shifting ever so slightly.
When the work comes together in video it creates a totally new piece. Where a brand new atmosphere is created with music! and its as if the previous context in which the pieces were made, and if there is a reason why they were made…

its as if that no longer matters.

What if life were that way? What if we could transition into the next phase, willing to step into a new context, a new frame of mind? Totally willing to surrender to the beauty of possibility.. #EXPANDorEXPiRE #STREETART#JUiCYCULTURE#PAiNTiNG#PAiNTER#LOVE#BOLD#BEAUTY @aliciakeys #CULTUREENABLESORDER