EXPAND or EXPIRE is a healing process with the purpose of expanded perspective. This is important because expanded perspective presents options. Options to do, options to believe, options to repurpose.

As a creative process, EXPAND or EXPIRE is a synchronicity of the rational and irrational thinking spaces. The result is that experience becomes a natural state of being on the quantum level. It is a process of shaping matter with perception. #PeaceThruPerception

EXPAND or EXPIRE is acceptance. As a creative approach we observe a cellular response to attraction. The practice, or meditation, is a way of witnessing the creative process as the self. EXPAND or EXPIRE brings together an understanding that we are creating what we are seeing so believing.

Repurposing is a practice, EXPAND or EXPIRE is the focus of energy. Finding the function, color, shape, etc, and then seeing vision with imagination. The imaginative process is able to see this as that, self as other, and the interdependent qualities that dualistic relationships are composed of.

This is important because then we can navigate the color of belief systems.