Healthy State of Mind practice

Healthy State of Mind practice

The creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

Thought brings about the conditions of your predominant mental attitude. This is why you must gather up as much information about your perspective and where your beliefs came from, that you can.

What experiences are motivating you to believe the way that you do and can you do anything about it? Would you like to?

A disempowered state of mind will find pain as pleasurable so long as it is the fault of another person or an external force. An empowered state of mind is up to the full responsibility to diagnose thoughtful communications.

For the disempowered state of mind, as long as you believe there is an oppressor, or that someone else is at fault for the condition you find yourself in, it feels pleasing to you that you are now able to brand yourself as the “good” guy because somebody else is the bad guy. In this way, that perspective operates to numb your pain.

In blunt truth, it is the lie that you feed yourself to keep from doing the real hard work. The disempowered perspective operates like a drug. Numbing you from the reality that your thoughts and beliefs are the greatest creative force to bring about the conditions of your existence.

What you can do to change this perspective is start feeding yourself a steady drip of empowering thoughts. Such as: I can go for a walk. I WiLL go for a walk! I will go for a mile walk. I will go for 3 miles, Im gonna run a mile, im gonna do 10 pushups, 10 more, now 15, 20.

Now you let all these empowered thoughts drive your actions and compound them until you are satisfied with your condition.

Your physical health reflects your spiritual and emotional/mental health. You are only as strong physically as you are spiritually and emotionally/mentally stable.