perspective 11/25/19

perspective 11/25/19


How do we feel about honesty?

How do we feel about another’s honesty the closer it gets to our perspective? What do we tend to feel? Are we able to see from another perspective right away, or is it a little troubling? It might take a while to fully acknowledge and grow into.

In my own experience, hearing honesty from another has been all of these qualities. It has been troubling and reiterated self knowledge.

How many times have people been honest with me about performance? That I could do better or that I could do more. How many times has that been said to me only to be dismissed? How many times have I thrashed in disproval verbalizing that “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” Maybe any of us don’t know what we are talking about?! We see potential, and every person carries with them a potential that is beyond where they are right now.

Maybe this conversation becomes about how we best reach or extend that potential. Something that might relate came from yesterday in yoga, I experienced one of the most progressive hip opening days since I’ve been involved with the practice. A lot of people in the class had the same experience. Our instructor, was articulate enough with his words in drawing for us: more clear steps to reach a potential beyond.

I loved the practice yesterday because although it was Ashtanga based, it was ad-libbed as well. We worked on Ashtanga poses with such enabling directions in a slow enough motion that we all experienced deeper, more considerable expressions. I thought of it as if I was listening to Bob Ross instruct how something is painted, not what is painted.

Anyway, all that is to say this: that we are drawn to doing what our brains can see. I think being told of potential is one thing, and to see potential is another. If we see a greater potential in our-selves, we are drawn to it. When we become aware of steps to achieve the state we put: one foot in front of the other. And soon well be walking through the doo oo oor!

This is to say that I will do better at drawing steps for new experience with perception. In both myself and externally when I am trying to relate something. What kind of new experience with perception do I want? How am I going to be in order to achieve? Who is that person? What do they look like?

Maybe I have multiple personalities because to be one thing for too long is constricting. I think it’s fun to let a Tony Clifton out of the bag once in a while and what that character might do is complete a picture that through the dark, light is born. Embracing the shadow side of yourself is to allow your light a rest. The cycle is also seen in the timelapse of a day, which includes night. We cannot separate these ideas.

This is to say that Coletrane is aware of at least two distinct perspectives from which she came. Then those two perspectives have perspectives about themselves. Fragmented are parts of the whole. Maybe he doesn’t cling to any, rather they blend all the pieces we can find and poof, reflection is expression. And Love is freedom. The idea of self-love is freedom of expression since we are experiencing ourselves at every turn.

Happy Monday!

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