How art is yoga and why they are both good for managing stress.

How art is yoga and why they are both good for managing stress.

The number one cause of stress in myself is anxiety. Often I feel myself get anxious when I am beginning an activity or if I’m new to a process.

In this state, I am comparing myself with an idea or a projection of what accomplishment looks like.

Both physical yoga and art have reinforced my experience that improvement finds itself by way of repetition and resilience.

Visual art is yoga enabling the mind an ability to stretch, see parallel, and relax. Perspective.

Yoga and art are ways of accepting oneself. These practices are made enjoyable by way of detachment from preconceived ideas of a final destination, or rather detachment from the fruits of your labor.

It is likely impossible to not have some kind of idea for ourselves to be. How do we reach that potential?

For me, potential has also been related with anxiety. Anxiety occurs about what is yet to be. In anxious states the brain is susceptible to stress. Some experience anxiety with symptoms as severe as immobility. What happens is conscious’ knack for thinking too deeply on what details look like and how an idea is going to come about. Instead of starting, an anxious pattern might get stuck thinking about where to start.

This is how repetition plays a key role in the completion of an idea.

In a work of art, I tend to use layers of repetition. Repetition is motion and this repeated motion lets me navigate to the clarity of intention. Repetition, in yoga can simply be the amount of times you show up on the mat in a week. Repetition is a key ingredient to the purpose of intention as it allows for the ability to layer adjustments and improvements. Any place of start is the place to start. Repetition allows improvement to unfold while keeping the communication of your intention in focus.

Improvement and resilience are interdependent qualities. Where resilience is just as likely to have produced the improvement as the improvement was likely the result of resilience- what is the source?? What quality allows resilience the chance to grow through infancy? When your muscles are sore because you’ve worked them to new capacity, what allows them to recover? What internal clock demands a new breathe be taken because the previous is old? You are stressed out and blue because you have squeezed all the air out…. then you finally breathe in… how does that feel?

Yoga involves awareness of breath. As I become aware of my breathing, I am also able to manage physical stress. Manage. Not eliminate. This is particularly where art and yoga draw parallel lines. The ability to reframe, or adjust perspective with both art and yoga, have led me to see my stress from a vantage point. This vantage point acknowledges impermanence as a necessary component for growth with experience. Experience is creation.

Movement that is matched with the direction of thoughtful energy is yoga . Yoga and visual art are both practices of directed energy, and they are incredible sources for the focus of healthy perspective and well being.