how spirit works and why it is valuable

how spirit works and why it is valuable

The one thing you can look forward to, is that your spirit will far outlive its physical existence. You have a keen sense that you would like to stand for something meaningful throughout your life, and to help that would be to witness your spirit as what enables your physical existence to live with purpose.

Spirit is not what you are able to see in particular, however spirit is a gathering of traits that combine in such a way that you can see all of its peculiarities.

Spirit is motivation. It is your “why”, it is a mission. For a large portion, the motivation driving your why is not readily apparent.

Take your heart beat for example. You do not know what keeps your heart pumping as you sleep, you simply do the action. As with your breath. You can monitor these occurrences, you can also enhance them by bringing your awareness to the front of your attention.

Your motivation is your reason for doing, and your actions are communications that manifest your physical existence that is appearance.

Your emotional well being is the recognition of the harmony experienced between your physical and spiritual developments. How do you feel when you physically achieve a goal your spirit has been training your physique to complete? This can be applied to any moment on your spectrum of emotion. #SeaDeepWithin.

Your spirit is the culmination of you. It is never exactly one version of you, still it is every version of you. Your spirit adapts and grows, from the moment of conception, the functionality behind the motivation of your existence begins to take root. You want to live because you have reason.

Through out your upbringing you are led to believe your reason and purpose is more abstract than it is. You become emotionally conditioned to fit in with a group because you would like to be an accepted part of that group. What does that mean? What is the group doing that is so purposeful you should like to be a part of it?

There are groups of worthy purpose, I am raising this question as a reminder that you seek out that which improves the quality of life, not just the appearance of life.

Spirit is the invisible force which drives the creation of life and it will be what is still here after yours and my life is gone. To invigorate the spirit of life is to improve the quality of it.

The value spirit brings to creation is exponential to any scientific fact or reference point. Where is spirit going and what does it want? That is motivation.

Your spirit is focused with language and your language will bring forth your truest motivation. What you want is what you focus on. And what you get is what you have focused on. If what you’re getting is different from what you desire, you need to change your focus.

It isn’t that you want: all good. You may say that you do, and you may think that you do. But you do not. You do need contrast in order to be sure of what you want. To some degree, you do need pain to bring forth what pleasure is for you.

You just need to be specific. Figure out what it is you want and shoot for that in every communicated degree you can fathom.