NFT is NOT about selling art.

NFT is NOT about selling art.

The craze these days, in the art world, is concentrated on NFT being a promising commercialization of an otherwise intangible medium. There are several platforms to get your digital work minted, and there are some considerations you need to consider before doing so.

Who wants to buy your digital art? Probably nobody because they can screen shot it and you can’t hide your digital artwork if you are putting it out there to be purchased. You can spend all your time and concentrate however much detail into your digital artwork, and be so positive it is worthy of a sale. Will it sell? The answer is maybe. To a sucker.

Why should it sell? That is the question you should be asking yourself as that is the reason people will be purchasing digital tokens. These tokens are promising value because they stand for something. Not because they are pictures somebody else can’t screen shot.

The concept of NFT is far more powerful than the product. There is NO product. If you are trying to sell your precious art, you should know it is NOT about that. With NFT you are selling relationship and that is your responsibility to understand.