Peace Thru Perception

Peace Thru Perception

To live in relative peace and harmony is to embrace insecurity. At least the idea of impermanence. Embracing the relativity of perspective is the essence of peace. Radical acceptance as this idea may also be seen.

To be human for many psychologists is to be honestly irrational.

Personal emotions are poetically considered to be a diagnostic symptom of humanity.

Unconditional love cannot exist in an emotional state of mind. Conscious love is not an emotion. It is serene merging with yourself, other people, and other forms of energy.

The only state in which we learn, harmonize, grow, merge, join, and understand is with the absence of emotion- called security. Security is attained through emotional intelligence.

The organism at the point-of-death, or when faced with a threat, possibly a territorial invasion, goes into a paroxysm of fanatic activity. Like a fish out of water, a concerned animal.

Politicians, priests, and pop culture media deliberately play on our fears and exaggerate our dangers for their own profit.

The intelligent human being has learned to turn on and off emotions.

What one believes to be real is the relativistic perspective of the beholder.

The universe is a web of intelligence mediated by our brain.

The evolving human intelligence is designed to shape the universe.

Modern quantum physics is producing scenarios determined by the attitudes, mental structures, and measurements from the observer.

Lately, pop culture’s idea of social security would be produced with tranquilizers.

It has become suggested that tranquilizers are the “glue” that holds the American middle class together in a dulled and calm security.

The warm, cozy, comfortable feeling that everything is “OK”, is accepted and approved by the “Hive Society”. That idea is maintained by television and pop-art/pop-culture.