Do we know how many more decisions we make when we are not in the process of one? When we are not in the search for the one right move, as if we knew what that was? What ends up happening is we net win. Because whatever mistake we just made was offset by four other good decisions we just made.

My approach to creating visual art comes from a perspective that does not know what to not do! My vision with every piece, is to create beauty: through bold decisions and love in action. It is a refining process. And the only reason my work gets any better is because of the repetition put in.

Bold decisions to me, require a recognition of a goal. The recognition of that goal is to be met with direct action. Quite often I get caught up with my own idea of how something needs to be instead of letting it happen how it is going to be.

Love in action is the process of recognizing production as ourselves. What is the idea of myself other than what I am witnessing? Who is the idea of myself other than what I believe about it?

In this way, visual art has provided me with a perspective with a natural ability to heal through sight. Creating beauty: with bold decisions and love in action.