Emotion and perspective have been the focus of my work because somewhere along the way I forgot who I was. I learned to be who I was. Emotion helped to subconsciously navigate where I thought I wanted to be in relationship to where I was in space and time. As it turned out, misunderstanding of emotion was only taking me further away from my truth.

The route to forgetting who I was involved language. As language shapes my perception with definition and boundaries; that tell us what this is so what that is not, I can point to a table and you know what that is, we agree. However, we learn to label movement and impermanent feelings in ways others can’t see, touch, hear, taste or smell What becomes understood is up to the perspective receiving the information. These intangible qualities of language help shape misunderstanding because of a remembered quality that involves an identification with “I”.

Who is I? The more I identify with who ‘I’ am the more I separate from my environment.

Who am I? I could be a collage of experience. Right now this collage of experience is growing through insecurity and ignorance. Through ignorance, I valued the domination of my perspective in a way that justified my action. Because I learned X meant this, so enabled me to do that.

I’m likely not absolute that my action is going to produce what I want. So. What do I want? How do I align the communication of that?

Through perspective, I have learned to recognize the value of structure. How physical structures are created with atoms and cells. How cells and atoms create value with purpose. How all of this purpose comes together to create a functioning structure. Why contains the purpose.

Within perspective is a pattern. The pattern often is why I consider anything to be, bad, good, mediocre, beautiful, ugly, or not, hateful, hurt, afraid. Developed or underdeveloped? Is anything every really developed if it is always moving? Why is it always moving?

The pattern of life has been a recognition of quality. Quality by tradition, has been natures selection. Collections of cells grow into physical beings that live a cycle of existence. With sets of skills or advantages beings naturally collage this experience with sensation. We are in a unique position to be aware of our “selves”.


Conscious levels of sensation determine characteristics. Characteristics come together as a sum total being physical, mental, and spiritual forms. Everything has purpose for being. Everything is the way it is because that’s the way it was. No judgement. The dove is symbolic for the recognition of spirit- that propels everything.

Perspective to me, today recognizes that I am one thing, made of billions whatever number of tiny little cells. With different functions at different capacities with different lifespans. That my existence, depends on theirs and theirs mine. A glimpse at interdependence, the mutual qualities in the relationship of things. Beings. Life forms. Ideas. Perspective. This is a part of that.

I would not be who I am if it were not for who you are and everything else that has been.

The value I crave now with the recognition of interdependence, is that it would like to be one part, One cell in a unit- a culture. That helps to generate the quality of life because of the beautiful perspective it came from. In perspective, to enable one moment of joy is to acknowledge all of love’s existence. To exist with love is to create beauty. To see beauty enables relaxation, peace, rest.