Reprogramming your patterns of behavior with language

Reprogramming your patterns of behavior with language

Opportunity is presented in every occurrence and every event.

I must address, for clarity’s sake, that I am in a bit of a habit of phrasing ideas as “or” statements. I am shaking that.

Perhaps this is saying that subconsciously, I recognize two choices. This is not exactly what I mean however. The truth is that consciously, I do recognize a third option. This third option is a convergence where the perspective of an observation and a sensation, are recognized as true because of a polar opposite. The idea is inclusion. Inclusion may seem rather elementary however the inclusion of what you dont like as a part of you, is pretty radical when you speak of applying personal accountability and responsibility to your engagement with the world. That is what you experience and believe about the world, is no different from who you are. 

IF what you dont like is a perspective and you have the perspective that does the action of not liking, who else could that possibly describe? What you dont need is different from what you don’t like. The truth varies by perspective, so this same idea is true of its opposite. What you like should be included as part of yourself. 

In what feels like the era of heightened polar tension combined with passive action, this idea is perhaps one of the most potent developments you could download to your lingual operating system of the human brain to give your best reach for peaceful resolution. 

The most direct way I have of expressing this idea is to say that happiness is in everything although everything is not happiness. 

Science does not make this true nor can science prove the idea false. It is not a theory. IT is just a truth that may take a while for the seed to bloom but now that it is in there, be prepared to experience peace of mind, 

The fact that you know what a sensation and a feeling is, is because you can recognize what it isn’t. In this way, the good feelings you are grateful for, you are also grateful for the feelings that aren’t because they allow you to have a comparison to draw recognition from. 

In even simpler terms: You know what pleasure is because you know what pain is. 

The brain is a language machine. The brain is deciphering symbols and language while navigating your vessel toward attractions. 

These attractions are based on your patterns of language that communicate what you are going to do and not do. They are behaviors and belief systems that have come from places that you are not readily aware of. Deep down in your biological past, the truth runs through your veins. 

Everything that is coming to be has been there before, and because of this emotional imprint, the truly conscious human being, all they can really learn to do well is be cool. Be still, and cool, and influence. 

You may not enjoy pain, you are certainly allowed to not enjoy your pain, still you are thankful for your pain because that feeling of gratitude is a powerful emotive attraction pulling you toward the pleasure you do want. 

When the timing of events feels off and especially awkward, maybe that is a signal to lean into and discover the truth about what is possible. Feel the state of now, do the best you can do, no matter how it looks or sounds and feels, and do not compare yourself. 

You will allow yourself to grow in a new dimension and by visualizing what you do want to do, you will develop new attractions to grow toward. 

To address the contradiction of my perspective, I comfortably see things as this or that. I see female and male. What I also see is that the female was conceived with a male and the male was conceived with a female, so it is natural for these individuals to have expressions of both. Should the male enjoy expressing themselves in effeminate manner, I do not believe this makes a sexually described male, a female. I think what is hard on the software of the brain is the emotion of regret or desire to be anything you physically aren’t. Still, to celebrate who you arent is also celebrating who you are. 

Some things: is what they is, and what you feel that things are: are yours to keep.  I wouldn’t tell you differently because how do I know? 

Being free in expression is the greatest give God could ever give you. And before you ignore me as some bible thumping kook with ideas given to me by a pastor, you should know that I have rarely been to church. I really dont like church. But I talk to God and I believe God is that unconscious essence we all possess and can tap into that tells us what we need. 

Just like this same essence tells us that we need to keep breathing when we sleep, or that our heart should keep beating even though we arent producing any purposeful effort to keep it so… Tapping into this essence is different than being emotionally influenced. So be aware of what motivates you. Is is your emotions or is it what you need?