Enhance Your Health With Soul Play

Enhance Your Health With Soul Play

Developing the dimension of your state of being is paramount to your health. Health is the dimension of your being in full range of motion. In touch with emotion because that which comes into motion was first compelled to. Chemical reactions, that are emotion are what compel you to take action.

Free will is able to ask itself, what is the action I am to take in response? Are you really making the decision?  

To develop dimension, you allow the soul to play. What I mean by soul, is the entirety of your being. Not just the what you allow people to see. The side of yourself that you allow people to see is your light, or at least what you allow to be in the light. It may not always be the truth of who you are,  which is your light, still the light is what you feel comfortable putting on display thus far. 

The other side is what you may tend to suppress. Its “polite” to suppress this side anyway. For every reason related to your own comfort, you keep the shadow of yourself out of the light. 

The idea of wholeness is this entire version of YOU. The light and the shadow. The state of wholeness is to embrace every part of yourself as you. You accept your joy, you accept your sadness, and you accept your anger. To put in simplicity, you accept the your full range of emotion as you are, without needing your experience to be something life is not. 

What is life? In perspective we can see life as a cycle. The cycle of being born into existence and then dying. The cycle of life is seen in the four seasons. Life is the sensation of relationship. We create with sensation in relationship to pain and pleasure. 

The “performance” we put on is to receive pleasure and avoid pain. The commonly accepted courtesy is to perform “polite” by suppressing one’s shadow. You have come to learn that the shadow of your truth brings other people  harm. What you believe to be true about someone might be considered rude, so you tend not to speak it. What you believe to be true about your own experience can even be harmful to others some people might say. It is said that a depressed attitude has the ability to deflate the spirit of matters. 

Responsibility asks itself, is any of that true however? Are these “rules” about the shadow true? If we as human beings have “free will, can I decide for myself how to feel despite what another person says or believes to be true? What is true? 

The truth is relationship. The law of interdependence that establishes what ideas are. This is a part of that. 

There is dimension in the perspective in which pleasure is found. One might very well find pleasure in someone else’s pain, thus  take joy in someone’s dismay. One finds pleasure in their own pain. Strength, muscle, and flexibility are cultivated with the application of stress. Pleasure can be voluntary. This isn’t to say that pain or pleasure should be performed in ways that they aren’t, this is only to say that these sensations are brought into existence with perspectives in relationship.

You notice that intricate motivations are behind this performance we put on.

It is important to let your soul play. ALL of it. This is important because overarching the experience we live in is a cycle. We can observe the cycle as close in perspective to being produced in a 24 hour period of a day. In that day time, what varies, are degrees of daylight and night time. The seasons also illustrate a repetitive cycle. The process in which you came to be born was also a cycle. 

This is pure speculation on my part, because I do not know. That allowing myself to be unknowing of what is truly going on with the happening in this universe, also allows  me to observe pain from a perspective removed from the self. 

What if there are other cycles we don’t readily know about? I’m sure there are people who do know these things, but what if we are in the greater picture cycle of a time period related to the night of day? 

You know what happens in the night time. Everything becomes shadow. It can’t be escaped unless you are shining a false light. 

It is important to let your shadow play because it lets you know the depth of your light. Light and shadow create contrast. Thus our creation to the sensation of duality. We only know pain because we know pleasure, we only know “bad” because we know “good”. 

If your shadow isn’t allowed to be itself, it will come out anyway. The animal nature to being human is far too deep to uproot and dismiss as irrelevant. The animal nature of human sensation is a kind of motivation we may not fully understand, still what we do know is the level of conscious activity is different than that of your modern neocortex ability to choose. Choice is love. 

Relationship is the truth, and your ability to make a choice about what you believe to be true is the love human beings are proud of being able to produce. 

IF you don’t like being told that being able to choose is what you are proud of, you should know that I as the author of this agree with you. Your choice is your developed understanding with relationship. 

Perspective is the understood relationship with simultaneous sensation. We have a dismal understanding about what these sensations really mean. As we take them personally, what tends to be missed is the recognition of cycle. 

An understanding of peace CAN be a perspective that is able to see and feel all sensation as being- your choice. 

When it comes to letting the soul play, the embrace of your true nature is at work. You learn to be your motivations.