Sunglasses of Peace

Sunglasses of Peace

Sunglasses play a role in providing balance under a given light of circumstance.

Sunglasses, in this context, will be compared with mood or emotion. Sunglasses have an ability to take one event and filter the light/truth that is sensed.

Let us imagine that we have in our pockets: pairs of sunglasses with varying tints and shade. With these sunglasses we create different windows of perspective. We have multiple pairs, so this means we have a choice in picking which ones we wear. Because we have this choice we feel free.  And to be sure we don’t confuse ourselves with a choice, lets limit ourselves to 4 pairs. Can we also see freedom in a perspective that stems from a lack of decision needing to be made?

What is the feeling of freedom? How might we describe the sensation? What does a little kid jumping rope or a kid playing baseball look like? How does a kid see through their glasses?

Kids don’t know any better! Until they hear otherwise of course. We could punish the little boy or girl by making of them examples to other children and generating fear of a consequence.

Did we learn to see through sunglasses of fear growing up? What does fear look like? Maybe if we describe what it feels like we can see it better. For me, fear is hesitant. It feels like Im doing something wrong even though I’m most likely not doing anyting yet…

Do you know what is wrong? Certainly not.

Still, we learn what is right and wrong. We develop fear of doing the wrong thing and we pain ourselves to do what is right or pleasing. So we might get an award, but probably so we don’t get punished. At least so we mught be thought of as favorable. Which leads to another question, Do we move with love for the potential best outcome or are we moving to avoid the fear for a worse outcome?

These sunglasses come with emotion, attitude, and they create the atmosphere for perception filtering into our brain. The filter of our brain makes sense of language. This means two or more people can be exposed to the same set of language, and depending on what sunglasses  (or mood of emotion) they have on, the filters are going to generate different meanings based on the perception from the light and mood of that same experience.

To make things more-clear (hopefully), Let’s give our sunglasses names. If we label these pairs Love, Hate, Fear, Courage, might we easier forecast their perspectives? Say we are writing a paper. If we put on sunglasses with love, everything that is done is perfect. Sunglasses with hatred might dissect everything and get nothing done. Fear is too afraid to make any movement. Courage might admit it knows not what to do but moves forward with the best of its ability.

Let us say we are looking through our love tint. We might view everything in perspective as being idealistically interdependent with one another. And if we push that concept to its edges, we might begin to see the environment as ourselves. Now that would be a revolutionary thought 😉

In a time where discussion is based around what is going on out there, how can I fix it, them, maybe you. I ask a counter to that question, by wondering how a human being who grew out of the environment plans to fix the environment if they aren’t already a part of the environment?  Is this not to suggest the individual needs fixing??

This is a part of that. The creation of good is reliant on the creation of bad. Just like to do anything courageous you must first be afraid. Most of us have had good intentions for doing the wrong thing, (lie to a friend, etc.) It is fair to say good is a perspective.

While it may help to see your sunglasses with labels on them for now, the stability of peace is the ability to remove conditioned labels. That is, allowing the emotion of what I am seeing to be what it is without feeling an the anxious need to correct.