What I do is not important. Why I do is.


. In the past, I wasn’t aware for the reasons I did anything. As I define and refine, I shed identification and operate as a principle of existence. Conscious recognition of principle subconsciously creates the direction for why I do anything. My principle being the law of beauty. The undeniable truth; as everyone can sense […]

Will beauty save the world?


Beauty as principle is #PeaceThruPerception. The contradiction of #PeaceThruPerception is an acceptance of the dual make up that our color of experience is shaded or lightened with. Nothing is ideal because experience is constant progress toward an ideal.

To recognize that makes right now: ideal.


Do we know how many more decisions we make when we are not in the process of one? When we are not in the search for the one right move, as if we knew what that was? What ends up happening is we net win. Because whatever mistake we just made was offset by four […]