I make and sell one of a kind “streetwear”. On occasion you will find me outside with clothing and or art work. The clothing is also art. Everything is one of a kind. It may in fact be the last time you see an article of clothing or a piece of artwork. Thank you for […]

Why NFTs?


Through DeFi, a reciprocal relationship between creative and consumer is established. NFT’s serve a practical purpose when the consumer also receives a benefit. Income produced by an NFT may just be an awesome byproduct of what is a way to support people, ideas, products, and events that you already liked in the first place. The NFT supports ideas that retain significance and exchanges of value without permission from third parties.

All in DeFi – #GratefulDove NFT


There are 300 created Grateful Dove tokens. 255 of these tokens are attached with physical assets, meaning that the initial purchase of the token comes with the depicted item. The first 12 Grateful Dove tokens are for the patron saints, and these tokens allow the owners a %50 price reduction on all authentic works of art, so long as […]

Bright Omens


Painting: Stenz One, Paintswith Baskets Video and Music:The Bright Omens Produced by: C.E.O.


The value I have is language. The gift of language. The more I speak and understand with full comprehension that I am synonymous in growth with that of which I speak and believe, the more empathy and cohesion and unity and peace I radiate and perceive. #EXPANDOREXPiRE

3/29/2020 – The Authentic Sound of Soul


Players of different Instruments are able to harmonize because they all have ways of achieving the same goal. An experienced musician Is aware that they don’t need to play the same notes to be in agreement with the other players. The same way a person Is able to read a jumbled string fo selttres ahtt amek up a word. This Is because a musician recognizes a pattern of a whole rather than Individual notes that must be played In a particular arrangement. Some people do thrive with and enjoy their music classically arranged. Some allow the understanding of patterns to allow the rhythm to generate the authentic sound of soul.