Bright Omens


Painting: Stenz One, Paintswith Baskets Video and Music:The Bright Omens Produced by: C.E.O.


The value I have is language. The gift of language. The more I speak and understand with full comprehension that I am synonymous in growth with that of which I speak and believe, the more empathy and cohesion and unity and peace I radiate and perceive. #EXPANDOREXPiRE

Healthy State of Mind practice

visual rhetoric stating that reality is an ability to see or believe through limitation. EXPAND or EXPIRE

The creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

What I do is not important. Why I do is.


. In the past, I wasn’t aware for the reasons I did anything. As I define and refine, I shed identification and operate as a principle of existence. Conscious recognition of principle subconsciously creates the direction for why I do anything. My principle being the law of beauty. The undeniable truth; as everyone can sense […]

Trust is the glue of love. Trust allows people to feel more comfortable, more open, and be authentic around each-other. The people around you are important. They change you. They influence you and multiply your efforts. They hold you accountable. These people are not just a lens to help you navigate the world more effectively, […]