I make and sell one of a kind “streetwear”. On occasion you will find me outside with clothing and or art work. The clothing is also art. Everything is one of a kind. It may in fact be the last time you see an article of clothing or a piece of artwork. Thank you for […]

Expand and iNspire substack


The content being created on is specific to the insight of creative processes and provides additional imagery. You can subscribe for free, however additional content will be provided to the paid subscribers. Paid subscriptions start at $6/month, $60 yearly and includes Conscientious Objector T-shirt, and then as a founding member for $599 this will […]

All in DeFi – #GratefulDove NFT


There are 300 created Grateful Dove tokens. 255 of these tokens are attached with physical assets, meaning that the initial purchase of the token comes with the depicted item. The first 12 Grateful Dove tokens are for the patron saints, and these tokens allow the owners a %50 price reduction on all authentic works of art, so long as […]

Harmonic sensation

Harmonizing with perceptions. Opposites create one another. Opposites are contrast. How complimentary colors contrast each other so vividly, they stand out clearest next to one another. Unity is a harmony That reads as a melody of notes that make beautiful sense becasue of the way they are spaced out in time. Songs begin and end. […]

how spirit works and why it is valuable

Spirit is the invisible force which drives the creation of life and it will be what is still here after yours and my life is gone. To invigorate the spirit of life is to improve the quality of it. The value spirit brings to creation is exponential to any scientific fact or reference point. Where is spirit going and what does it want? That is motivation.

Healthy State of Mind practice

visual rhetoric stating that reality is an ability to see or believe through limitation. EXPAND or EXPIRE

The creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

Theater Talk

Briefly discussing the topic of reconditioning as it relates to ideas of the “self”. Opens up discussion as to what that is. Gets kicked out by cops because such a large crowd was gathered.