3/29/2020 – The Authentic Sound of Soul


Players of different Instruments are able to harmonize because they all have ways of achieving the same goal. An experienced musician Is aware that they don’t need to play the same notes to be in agreement with the other players. The same way a person Is able to read a jumbled string fo selttres ahtt amek up a word. This Is because a musician recognizes a pattern of a whole rather than Individual notes that must be played In a particular arrangement. Some people do thrive with and enjoy their music classically arranged. Some allow the understanding of patterns to allow the rhythm to generate the authentic sound of soul.

Peace Thru Perception

To live in relative peace and harmony is to embrace insecurity. At least the idea of impermanence. Embracing the relativity of perspective is the essence of peace. Radical acceptance as this idea may also be seen. To be human for many psychologists is to be honestly irrational. Personal emotions are poetically considered to be a […]