The Purpose of Expand or Expire .

The Purpose of Expand or Expire .

The purpose of Expand or Expire is to create spiritual harmony by expanding perspective.

We call our beings, the self. The cell vessels (selves) provide a range of experience where a reality is understood by means of sensation. The cell vessel is a combination of sensory organs.

You are made up of trillions of cells. Cells with individual lifespans, that carry out a specific function, your cells die, they also regenerate.

As the totality of cellular activity, you learn to abstract this truth by means of establishing an identity. Identity can be like a self idealization. The identity is a motivation driven idea that ego carries through spirit. “Ego” is not a bad thing, it is how well your ego is put into cooperative use that determines its success.

The truth is that the ego functions as your border to distinguish yourself from myself.

Another part of the truth is that you and I share an underlying commonality by means of a superconscious.

The superconscious is how your organs were programmed, it is why your heart beats as you sleep, it is why you don’t even have to think of breathing. The superconscious is the need you bring with you everywhere you go.

The truth is that you and I have the unconscious creative will available. The direction of civilized “normality” has learned to become “self-conscious” in insecure ways that hinders the nature of self realization.

The purpose of Expand or Expire is to synchronize the ego with the superconscious perfection that is.

To synchronize the brain and heart.

EXPAND or EXPiRE is a healing process with the purpose being expanded perspective. Perspective is important because expansion presents options. Options to do, options to believe, options to repurpose. 

As a creative process, EXPANDorEXPiRE presents a synchronicity of the rational and irrational thinking spaces. The result is that experience becomes a natural state of being on the quantum level. It is a process of shaping matter with perception. #PeaceThruPerception

EXPAND or EXPiRE is acceptance to grow with the way. 

As a creative approach we observe cellular response to attraction. The practice is a state of mind where witnessing the creative process is the self. A letting go of boundaries and borders that create tension with the perfection that is.

EXPAND or EXPiRE brings together an understanding that we are creating what we are seeing so believing. 

EXPAND or EXPiRE is the focus of energy and repurposing is the practice. Harnessing function, color, shape, etc, and then seeing through the vision with imagination. The imaginative process is able to see this as that, self as other, and the interdependent qualities that dualistic relationships are composed of. 

To recognize interdependence is important because then we can navigate the color of belief systems.