Harmonic sensation

Harmonic sensation

Harmonizing with perceptions.

Opposites create one another.

Opposites are contrast.

How complimentary colors contrast each other so vividly,

they stand out clearest next to one another.

Unity is a harmony That reads as a melody of notes that make beautiful sense

becasue of the way they are spaced out in time.

Songs begin and end.

Probably a song that carried out past its duration would get annoying.

This is realistically why you don’t want to live forever.

Clinging to life is not to let the song start because you are afraid of the music ending.

To enjoy life is to witness the beauty of relationship that polarity creates.

To not judge polarity is peace.

One politician points at the other and says you are the problem!

So he gets a flood of people to vote for him.

You didn’t see with your own eyes your vote get counted,

you actually have no idea how elections are decided.

People winding each other up to justify how right they think they are because they have been wounded,

and its an easy thing to do. To get somebody to empathize with your pain.

Its a much harder thing to get somebody to empathize with enjoying the pain.

Which scientifically, factually actually how you feel pleasure, because pain exists.

In perspective when I think of our history.

Significant moments of time that shape life on earth,

the times that you and I both have in our memory bank

I think one of those times is happening ever so slightly but surely

and duing this time I am confident

because of how much obstacle has already been overcome

in the past by our ancestors.