What empowers you

What empowers you

Existing beyond definition allows you to be vulnerable. It is possible that empowerment is allowing yourself a kindness which allows you to grow strength.

Empowerment is choice just like a relationship. 

To see and understand empowerment enables movement.  

Empowerment is choice and choice implies a relationship. 

This is because a relationship is a comparison. So is the choice.

You have choices and you choose the one you think is best. That is a comparison. No matter how rational or irrational the comparison was made, what follows is a choice. 

“What empowers you” could be a question, it could be a statement. Perhaps you see the phrase as it is. 

Decisions empower and they cripple. A decision gives ideas of pain and pleasure, definitions. The phenomenon is that pain does turn into pleasure. And that too much pleasure can be painful. These ideas are not permanent. 

Painful events create strong foundations. Pain is the bed of soil for pleasure to grow out of. 

Empowerment is not perfection in the classic sense where the world is imagined as being painless. So when pain happens, what empowers you to grow beyond?