What I do is not important. Why I do is.

What I do is not important. Why I do is.

. In the past, I wasn’t aware for the reasons I did anything. As I define and refine, I shed identification and operate as a principle of existence.

Conscious recognition of principle subconsciously creates the direction for why I do anything. My principle being the law of beauty. The undeniable truth; as everyone can sense beauty to some degree. Beauty is different perspectives for everything and all situations. Beauty is truth and truth is beauty. Beauty is strong because beauty is bold enough to love all that it faces. Beauty is courageous because the quality does not know of a right or wrong way. Beauty is.

Beauty as principle will generate a culture to perpetually enable order, because beauty is able to see self as other. In this way Culture will grow with and move beyond stages of ignorance. Culture lifts up rather than persecutes.

Beauty as principle is #PeaceThruPerception. The contradiction of #PeaceThruPerception is an acceptance of the dual make up that our color of experience is shaded or lightened with. Everything is ideal because experience is constant progress toward an ideal.To recognize that makes right now: ideal.As culture expands, so do principles of existence. Principles are limitless.Will beauty save the world?

It saved mine. I went from sitting on the polar fences of hating or loving: certain ideas, ways of being, ways of doing. I couldn’t find the beauty in everything. I saw the world as this or that. I saw a clear distinction between beautiful and ugly, I couldn’t see the ugly in the beautiful nor the beautiful in the ugly. I was in a constant war to improve things. People.

What is different about my world today is that I stopped judging the relationship between myself and my creation of these ideas. I stopped separating myself from the beliefs I held about what I saw so experienced.

Why I travel the United States, and soon the globe to spread #EXPANDorEXPiRE is because I am grateful for what I have learned through my visual art practice. I want to share the relaxation I have connected between my rational and irrational thinking spaces. Syncing the brain and heart through visual art. My hope is that I will provide value for the environment I grew out of.

Peace ❤